About Us

Darul Shaour Publications is one of oldest institutions of the country in publishing sector. Since 1990, it has published hundreds of books that are appreciated by book readers. Darul Shaour mainly publishes books in Urdu on variety of topics ranging from Politics to religion, history, literature, self-help, kids and psychology.

Serving the knowledge seekers and book enthusiasts Since 1990

Darul Shaour is one of the oldest publishing house of Pakistan established in vibrant city of Lahore. Darul Shaour aimed to provide the well-researched content to its readers in Urdu. Since its inception, Darul Shaour has published hundreds of books on variety of subjects including history, politics, self-help, religion, parenting, literature and psychology. This is novel approach of publishing that reader of any kind can find the books on their desired subjects. This wide variety of subjects and books made Darul Shaour as one of the reputed publishing company of the country. Darul Shaour Publications is purely a customer centric company; therefore, it is offering door step deliveries of the books through courier partners to make shopping experience of customers the best.

Muhammad Abbas Shad

CEO and Chairman

Muhammad Abbas Shad is one of the renowned and well-known personalities in the publishing sector of Pakistan. He possesses 30+ years of experience of writing, editing, and publishing. In 1990, Abbas Shad decided to build a company that can fulfill the needs of Urdu readers by offering a wide range of books on every subject.This decision


 led to the foundation of Darul Shaour Publications. Since then, Muhammad Abbas Shad published hundreds of books under the umbrella of Darul Shaour Publications and earned the immense repute and respect in the publishing sector and among the readers all over Pakistan.
Muhammad Abbas Shad is currently serving as the Chairman and CEO of Darul Shaour Publications. He is also serving as the editor of Monthly Rahimia, Qua

rterly Shaour o Agahi, and Darulshaour Magazine.

Our Promise to You

Darul Shour promises to provide great books at affordable rates

Well Researched Books

Our content is our unique thing as our writers provide well researched content to us which is published after three steps of proofreading and editing.

Unique Design and Binding

The title of our books is unique that increases the curiosity of the readers towards the content. Moreover, the binding of books is strong and will remain with you for decades.

What can we do for you ?

We offer 24/7/365 customer support to our customers and caters to any kind of issue or dispute.

We promise doorstep delivery of books all over Pakistan within 3-5 days.