Proposed Solutions to - Rotten Administrative System - Rotten Electoral Process/electoral Laws - Crumbling Justice System - Social Rights - Anti-Bribery System

Publisher: Darul Shaour
Author: Justice(R) Mian Allah Nawaz (Former Chief Justice of High Court)
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      Having completed my first work “BLEEDING WOUNDS/A FATAL BRITISH CONSPIRACY” published by the Allied Book Company in Lahore and, Inc. Seattle.,WA 98108-1226,  I resumed my journey and undertook to study the underlying causes and reasons of degeneration in the administrative structure, justice system, electoral laws and corruptocracy in Pakistan. I undertook to study the comparative governance of different democratic countries and so proposed reforms in administrative structure, reforms in electoral process and reforms in justice system and discussed the absence of socio-economic rights and anti-bribery laws. In the end, I prepared a summary of the suggested solutions/reforms in the afore-described segments of governance. These solutions are crying need of our time.  After dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971, our institutional infrastructure is on the road to crumbling process.  The pre-dominant majority of the population of our country has no access to infrastructure of governance i.e. legislatures and administrative structure and similarly the pre-dominant population has no access to education, health-care and housing policies. Suffice it to note that our state has become an exclusionary state without any share of common man. Keeping it as a focal point of our studies, I have proposed solutions/reforms. These are tentative in nature and need to be debated comprehensively by the concerned institutions and concerned individuals so that a better, healthy system of governance is evolved to ensure a stable, strong and dynamic Pakistan. In this project, I have not studied health-care system, educational system and economic system.  I intend to resume my studies and propose solutions to these ailing sectors of governance.

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